Anda Telecom Private Limited

Anda Telecom Private Limited established in May 2005, is a National High-Tech Enterprise specializing in long-distance Ethernet transmission and power supply and technical services based on Power over Ethernet (PoE). It has a number of patented technologies. Headquartered in New Delhi, it currently has offices in Mumbai, Chennai, West Bengal, Assam(Guwahati), with operations and customers throughout the provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions.

Anda Telecom has a group of R&D teams with active innovation, forge ahead, and hard work, and has many years of experience in R&D and design in the field of IP communication. In recent years, relying on strong R&D capabilities, Anda Telecom has successfully launched a number of innovative products and patented technologies such as long-distance Ethernet extenders, long-distance high-power Ethernet PoE switches, long-distance network cameras, and optical transceivers. With leading technology and innovative products, along with the development of the industry, Anda Telecom maintains an average annual growth rate of 100%. It has become a well-known supplier of products and solutions for long-distance Ethernet communication in security monitoring and other industries. Has a large number of customers and cases?

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Vision & Mission


Our mission is to provide our communities with progressive high quality communication technology services that enhance the value of life and economic development in the area we serve. Our goal is to provide efficiencies in communication technology consistent with the urban areas while living in a rural area.
We take pride in excellent service, integrity, and community involvement. We recognize that our employees are vital to this organization and the achievement of this mission. We are committed to maintaining the progressive growth and success of this organization.


We vow to provide Solutions. We determine the need of every customer and deliver the best solution available.

Team & Values


1. Listens, understands and is responsive to needs and concerns
2. Supports businesses with innovative solutions and consultation
3. Builds trust through accountability, loyalty, fairness and integrity
4. Communicates clearly, openly and on a timely basis


Values with our Members and Partners